Pierre-Alain Fremy

Pierre-Alain Fremy

Content Marketing and SEO

Google Analytics Certification  Google Adwords Certification 

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My name is Pierre-Alain Fremy and I am 28. I have completed a master in web project management in 2013 and I worked during 2 years as Webmarketer for a French metallic shelving manufacturer, Duwic's. By reading this resume, you will have a broader understanding of my professional experience, education and skills.

Work Experience

2014 16 - 2 years


Duwic - France, a metallic shelving manufacturer http://www.duwic.fr/

Marketing management of an e-commerce website using Magento : http://www.toprangement.com/ , and of several showcase websites using Prestashop.

  • Launching of an Adword campaign
  • Experience in affiliate marketing
  • SEO
  • E-mailing
  • Monitoring and schedule
  • Web writing
2014 - 5 months

Webmaster / SEO

Seven Creative - UK, Web agency specialized in SEO http://www.sevencreative.co.uk/

Management of several web projects, including SEO ( creation and follow-up ). Web writing in English and development of the mobile version of the website.

  • Web development and integration
  • SEO
  • Monitoring
  • Web writing
2013 - 6 months

Webmaster Assistant / Web projects

La Déco De Lucie (Clayrton's) - France, flower wrapping and decoration company http://www.ladecodelucie.com

Management of the e-commerce website under Prestashop.

Creation of an English version of the company website : http://clayrtons.co.uk

  • SEO and SEA
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Web development
2012 - 2014


Infusion Web http://www.infusion-web.fr

Creation of websites :

  • Showcase websites
  • Blog
  • E-commerce
  • Intranet/Extranet
  • Customized websites
2011 12 - 1 year

Web Marketing Assistant - Web Developer

CGI filiale de Société Générales http://www.credit-cgi.fr/

Finadéa (a debt consolidation website) http://www.finadea.fr/ - Affiliate marketing - Web marketing - E-mailing

Various missions on several other websites of the company :

  • France Lease website - SEO
  • Lead Back website - Web development on the customized CMS
2010 - 4 months

Web Developer - Integrator

Studio Gonzo (Web agency) http://www.studiogonzo.fr/

CMS Prestashop - Updating - Integration - Development- Maintenance

Various missions including :

  • Conception
  • Integration
  • Realization
  • SEO
2009 - 3 months

Web Developer

La Souris Magique (Web agency) http://www.lasourismagique.fr/

Revision of the intranet of the company

Creation of a scoreboard indicating the monitoring of the employees.


2016 - In progress

Google Analytics Certification


2016 - In progress

Google Adwords Certification


2011 - 2013

Master 2 : A two-year graduate degree in Web Project Management

Efficom Lille - FRANCE

2010 - 2011

Licence : An additional one-year degree in web design and integration completing the BTS

Efficom Lille - FRANCE

2008 - 2010

BTS : A two-year undergraduate degree in application development



Infusion Web

Creation of my self company website and also blog See the website

Faire rachat de crédit

Creation of the website and blog. Setting up an affiliate system and SEO See the website

Déco de lucie

Management of ecommerce site in Prestashop See the website


On web development: I often use tools such as PHP/MySQL (to create forms or databases for example) and jQuery/Ajax to improve websites by making them more modern, dynamic and user-friendly. On integration: I can fully integrate a web page under CSS and I know how to do responsive design for smartphones, tablets etc.
I know how to manage an email campaign, an affiliation to social networks and I like to work on finding new ideas for social marketing initiatives (in particular on social networks).
I like to try my best in search engine optimisation and search engine advertising in order to gain the best possible position on Google, which can be a true challenge.
I know how to do basic work on Photoshop and Illustrator.



Specifics Skills



In France, my father owns a familial farm, and I try to help him as much as possible when I can. There are no animals in the farm, only crops: mainly wheat, sugar beets and potatoes. It is a great opportunity for me since I love being outdoor in the fresh air.
I want to visit Japan, maybe even live there for a while. I am very interested in its culture and traditions. I find its history fascinating, with a preference for everything connected to the samurais.
Soccer is a sport I practice regularly in France. I like soccer because team spirit is a key notion in this sport, as well as the necessity to give the best of oneself. Respect of the rules and of the other players is also very important.
I love a great variety of films, from big action movies with superheroes to more psychological movies such as Memento or American Psycho. However, I am not very fond of French films, with an exception for widely successful comedies.

"Everything you want, everything you dream , what you hope to achieve is at your reach , if you really think about it."

Dr. Seuss


Do not hesitate to contact me in thanks to this form if you have any questions or remarks, and I will get back to you shortly.

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